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My love for tea dates back to my childhood when I lived with my late maternal grandmother. The way she used to enjoy her tea inspired me to embark on the "tea journey."


I remember one particular morning when I watched her drink her tea. She was sitting at the table and her chair was next to the window. The reflection of the morning sun was amazing on her porselain skin. She had a tendency of drinking her tea from the saucer. That morning was no different. I did not understand the reason behind it. It was cute to see her enjoy her tea as if her life depended on it. She was really like a child enjoying candy.

I asked her why she drank tea from a saucer and her reply was that it was cool it off. Strangely from then onwards I realised that she was not the only one. My grandfather too and countless other people. I started imitating my grandmother. Something which started innocently made me get hooked on tea. 

I started craving for tea. It went from one cup a day to a couple. At that time there were not so many choices. It was a traditional black tea with milk and a lot of sugar. There were hardly any worries about the effect of excessive sugar on health. 

Growing up in South Africa I found out about Rooibos tea. I learnt about its health benefits. I drank it religiously. I even used the skin care that is made of Rooibos. I started experimenting with other teas like herbal, fruit  and green teas. This past summer I tried tea recipes for summer drinks. I hope to do the same for winter drinks.

I love afternoon teas but unfortunately Belgium does not have a tea culture. When I am in London I make sure that I take the advantage of enjoying the quintessentially English afternoon tea.

My love for teas made me want to make this drink my business.

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