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Meet Khosi

Welcome to Anise Lifestyle!

Khosi Mnyakeni

My name is Khosi Mnyakeni and I am the face behind Anise Lifestyle. I am married, mum of two young adults, Nellie and Lukas. I love music, fashion, creating, good food and wine. I have had several jobs in the past. I also had my home-based complementary practice. I have now found something that makes me happy in my online business and allows me to be creative every day. I thoroughly enjoy being creative e.g. painting. It takes my mind away from every day stresses. 

Anise Lifestyle

If you are wondering why I started Anise Lifestyle, here is in short how it all began. It was born out of my love for all things beautiful. I feel very happy when I see something beautiful - be it a great design of clothes, furniture, craft, art etc. In all honesty, beauty moves me and I understand why others can also appreciate it.

Anise Lifestyle aims to create an inspirational shopping environment in the comfort of your home.

Thank you for shopping with us.

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