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My love for beauty inspired me to explore my creative side. I have always admired people who can use their creativity as a means to design something. I have always been fascinated by how their minds work. I have been blown away by how they came up with breathtaking ideas and masterpieces.

After many years of envying others for their creativity, a couple of years ago I found the courage to explore my own creative persona through painting and designing. As a person who loves to create I decided to take the leap of faith in starting Anise Lifestyle Designs brand.

Anise Lifestyle Designs is a one-stop online gift shop that offers a range of gifts for every occasion, including mugs, wall art, apparel, phone cases and cards. We have taken the hassle out of finding the perfect gift by bringing them all into one place.

Exuding playfulness and uniqueness, the Anise Lifestyle Designs collections captivate with their distinctive designs, marrying aesthetic appeal with functionality.  I hope you will enjoy escaping the everyday with our stunning collections.

Happy shopping!     


khosi ☺︎

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