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My love for beauty inspired me to explore my creative side. I have always admired people who can use their creativity as a means to design something. I have always been fascinated by how their minds work. I have been blown away by how they came up with breathtaking ideas and masterpieces.

After many years of envying others for their creativity, a couple of years ago I found the courage to explore my own creative persona. I started painting on canvas and I loved it because it helped to boost my self-esteem and inspired me to reach new levels of skill. Painting gives me an opportunity to create something beautiful and this relaxes me.

Anise Lifestyle Designs is a lifestyle brand which celebrates beauty, trendy prints and the exquisite use of colours. The main source of my unique designs comes from the beauty around us. From  abstract patterns to flowers. Our collections are a visual feast which can please anyone. We believe in accessible luxury and bringing beauty to everyday life. I hope you will enjoy escaping the everyday with our inspirational collections.

Happy shopping!     


khosi ☺︎

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