Frequently asked questions

What is organic tea?

Certified organic tea is free from chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, or chemical feritisers. It has therapeutic properties which enhance health and well-being.

Why organic tea?

Choosing organic tea is a good choice because it uses the manufacturing methods that are organic or environmental friendly. Organic tea should have higher health benefits since it has no synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

What is so special about Anise Lifestyle teas?

We source our teas from a certified organic supplier. This means that the tea has passed rigorous scrutiny to earn organic label. It is cultivated under a set of EU regulations that govern farming practices and prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. The manufacturing uses only sustainable agricultural methods. Anise Lifestyle is passionate about offering the best tea possible to our customers.

What is Anise Lifestyle tea range?

At the moment Anise Lifestyle has 9 tea range. All our teas are a pleasure to drink, therapeutic and can greatly enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Are your teas fairtrade?

Yes. Our suppliers have a good relationship with their producers which is based on dailogue and transparency. They do not, under any circumstances drive the price down when they are working with producers directly or producer groups in the developing world.

Can you get the sample that you need?

Not at the moment.

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