Spreading colours through art

All the paintings are painted by myself, Khosi Mnyakeni. My love for paintings stems from my appreciation of beautiful interiors and interior designs. In my view a house is not a home without paintings. I regard paintings as one of the important home accessories. A painting in a living space creates an atmosphere that expresses personality, taste and preference. I find paintings aesthetically pleasing and they are an efficient solution for a better use of space. Paintings are the perfect way to liven up an otherwise a dull space.

I have always wanted to make paintings but I did not have the guts. I would only appreciate them at galleries, in magazines, public and private spaces and on social media. I gathered mental courage and I remember saying to my husband on occasions that I was going to start painting. One day I just picked up the brush and the rest is history. I am self taught and work with acrylic on canvas. My paintings are abstract, non-objective representations. My work is inspired by palettes and emotions. They explores the joy and beauty of the visual experience. I use mostly bold colours in daring combinations.

I use vibrant colours to explore the joy and beauty of the visual experience.

I create visually rich paintings that bring life to interior spaces and exhilarate style that complement modern decor.

To me, painting is not only spreading colours onto canvas. It gives me an opportunity to explore an emotion or particular mood.

All my paintings available on my online shop

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