Through my artistic eyes

Little did I know that one day I would call myself an artist. I have always been the kind of a person who has great respect for creative people because they allow their minds to stretch out. They engage themselves in a way that is a step closer to reaching their potential. They go beyond "the sky is the limit." I am delighted to embark on the journey of endless imagination.

For many years I enjoyed art in magazines, in galleries and exhibitions. All those crispy white walls and the almost sterile environment of the galleries can be intimidating, but the visual experience is priceless! I realised that my attention was more drawn to abstract art. This was because it gave me the freedom to explore the artwork and to assign my own meaning to the pieces. It is not surprising that when I started painting I dived on to the abstract.

My work is intuitive and spontaneous. It consists mostly of abstract acrylic pieces that are supposed to leave the viewers to explore their own reactions and perspectives.

Through carefully orchestrated colour combinations and textures I am able to infiltrate the hidden chambers of the viewer's mind.

This painting is an abstract on paper. I used paint and a brush to create movement, contrast and texture through layering.

In some of my work I use bold colours to explore the joy and beauty of the visual experience.

The colour combination, balance of proportions and texture of my work aims to invoke unique responses for each individual viewer.

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