What's up with Korean beauty skincare?

Updated: Jan 11

I have always been searching for solutions that can help me with my problem skin. In my teens I had a never-ending problem with acne. I had an incredibly oily skin. Nothing seemed to work. I went to see an endocrinologist whose test revealed that I belong to the 1% population which has a very oily skin caused by the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. Like in many instances he recommended that I use contraceptive pills to reduce the sebum secretion rate. The contraceptive pills did not alleviate my skin issues, but instead they created another problem of uneven skin pigment (hyper

pigmentation). The only treatment that solved my skin problem was a treatment with Roaccutane. It was a miracle!

I can write a book about the kinds of skincare products that I tried. I guess that was when I began with my search for skincare products that help to alleviate skin problems and prevent aging. Research on the Internet helped me discover Korean beauty (Kbeauty) skincare products. Nowadays it is hard to talk about clear, beautiful and youthful skin without referring to Korean beauty: Koreans are experts at caring for their skin.

I am fascinated by the way the Korean culture puts a lot of emphasis on natural beauty and skin care. The Korean skin care industry does not only focus on preventing skin problems before they occur but it is also constantly looking for innovative techniques which preserve and enhance the skin’s youthfulness. For the Koreans one is never too young to start caring for one’s skin. At a young age Koreans are taught proper techniques like exfoliation, moisturising and using sunscreens.

After reading raving reviews about Kbeauty skincare products I decided to try them. I am pleased to say that I am in the process of discovering result-oriented products and techniques for a great complexion. I have decided to have Kbeauty skin care products on our online shop in order to share my experience and the knowledge that I am acquiring with those who want a healthy and radiant skin.

Our online shop Anise Lifestyle offers carefully selected Korean skincare products that combine plant-based ingredients and innovative technology suitable to your skin type.

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