Body Nourish



Body Nourish is a splendid blend of oolong, white tea, yerba mate and lemon pieces. Both teas and yerba mate are linked to healthy lifestyle, improving metabolism and overall well being. 

  • Body Nourish

    • Ingredients: luxury oolong tea, green yerba mate, lemon pieces, white tea, blue cornflowers, sunflowers, natural flavours
    • Origin: China, Brazil, Egypt, Poland, France
    • Caffeine: approx between 20 - 30mg per cup.
    • Leaves: semi - oxidised oolong style
    • Aroma: fruity
    • Colour: golden amber
    • Taste: wonderfully round citrus flavour
    • Well being: energising | cleasing
    • Flavours: lemon | herbaceous
    • Strength: medium bodied
    • Caffeine content: moderate
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