Ginger Root and Lemon



Ginger Root and Lemon is a blend that literally is what is says. Packed with ginger root pieces and exquisite lemon pieces, your taste buds get a real tingle with every sip. Delicious, refreshing with an extra 'zing'!

  • Ginger Root and Lemon

    • Ingredients: dried ginger, lemon pieces, lemongrass, elderberries, rosehip, liquorice pieces
    • Origin: Thailand, China, India, France
    • Caffeine: none
    • Leaves: blend of dried herbs & fruits
    • Aroma: spicy ginger and citrus
    • Colour: light, slightly golden
    • Taste: warm, ginger bite with a refreshing lemon finish
    • Well being: invigorating | cleansing | comforting 
    • Flavour: ginger | lemon | spicy | citrus
    • Strength: full bodied
    • Caffeine content: none
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