Hibiscus Flowers Tea


Harvested in Egypt, these Hibiscus flowers are resistant to drought and relatively easy to grow. Great as a blending component in herbal teas or brewed on its own as a tea. This hibiscus is one of the finest available in the world. Alone, hibiscus has a sweet, honey- like, fresh taste. Combined with other herbs or teas, hibiscus lends a floral character and slight astringency.

  • Hibiscus Flowers Tea

    • Ingredients: luxury hibiscus
    • Origin: Nile River Delta, Egypt Ggown: up to 100 ft above sea level.
    • Caffeine: none
    • Leaves: first grade, field grown, sundried
    • Aroma: slightly floral notes
    • Colour: bright burgundy red
    • Taste: tangy, similar to pomegranate or lemonade
    • Well being: cleansing
    • Flavour: honey | slightly sweet | slightly floral
    • Strength: light bodied
    • Caffeine: none
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