Lemongrass Zest Herbal Tea Blend



 If you are in need of an energy boost that tastes amazing, then Lemongrass Zest Herbal Tea is for you. Green Mate, known for its caffeine like compound mateine is combined with a truly invigorating blend of lemongrass, spearmint, ginseng, gingko and nettle. It is a fantastic herbal tea that gives you that extra zest!


  • Lemongrass Zest Herbal Tea Blend

    • Ingredients: green mate, lemongrass, spearmint, ginseng, gingko, nettle, cornflower, calendula and sunflower petals
    • Origin: Brazil, Thailand, USA, Hungary, Italy, Poland. Grown: up to 2500ft above sea level.
    • Caffeine: approx 80 mg per cup
    • Leaves: coarse cut herbs and fruit
    • Aroma: fresh herbal notes with fresh spearmint
    • Colour: pale yellow with orange highlights
    • Taste: invigorating, full bodied herbal taste with the fresh sweetness of spearmint
    • Well being: energising
    • Strength: medium bodied
    • Flavour: slightly sweet | mint
    • Caffeine: moderate
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