Nile Hibiscus Tea


Nile Hibiscus is grown free from chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Whilst Nile hibiscus makes a refreshing infusion all by itself, the petals are an ideal size for use as a blending ingredient. Whilst a great source of flavonoids and antioxidants, the flowers are also packed with Vitamin C. When infused, it gives a wonderful deep burgundy red colour and depending how much you use in your blend, can offer every hint of red from a delicate pink through to scarlet red.

  • Nile Hibiscus Tea

    • Ingredients: hibiscus petals
    • Origin: Egypt, Nile River Delta grown: 1 - 100 ft above sea level
    • Caffeine: none
    • Leaves: 1st grade new crop, air and sun dried flowers
    • Aroma: sweet, citrus
    • Colour: deep burgundy red
    • Taste: tart, fruity character with a light sweet finish
    • Well being: invigorating | refreshing
    • Flavour: tart
    • Strength: medium bodied
    • Caffeine content: none
    • Vegetarian: yes
    • Vegan: yes
    • Antioxidant level: low
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