Rest Herbal Tea Blend




What better way to relax than with a comforting cup of Rest Herbal Tea. A sumptuous blend of calming herbs and spices will help take away all the pressures of daily life. Simply brew, pour, sip, close your eyes, feel the peace and enjoy!

  • Res Herbal Tea Blend

    • Ingredients: luxury camomile, rooibos, lemon balm, lemon verbena, linden flowers, anise, cinnamon, oat straw, hops, passion flower, orange peel
    • Origin: Nile River Delta (Egypt),Cederberg (South Africa), Ludogorie (Bulgaria), Black Forest (Germany),Bua Yai (Vietnam) Grown: various up to 2500ft above sea level.
    • Caffeine: none
    • Leaves: coarse cut herbs and fruit
    • Aroma: wonderfully light with fruity notes
    • Colour: light burnt sienna red with sunflower yellow highlights
    • Taste: soothing with lots of camomile and a mild liquorice taste for a light finish
    • Well being: calming
    • Caffeine: none
    • Strength: light bodied
    • Flavour: liquorice | slightly sweet | fruity
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