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Stress Rebel



Contain herbs that help to relieve mental and physical exhausture, improve mood and strengthen the body to cope with stress.

  • Stress Rebel

    • Ingredients: green mate, lemongrass, spearmint, ginseng, gingko, nettle, cornflower, calendula and sunflower petals
    • Origin: Brazil, Thailand, USA, Hungary, Italy, Poland. Grown: up to 2500ft above sea level
    • Caffein: approx 80 mg per cup
    • Leaves: coarse cut herbs and fruit
    • Aroma: Fresh Herbal notes with fresh spearmint
    • Colour: pale yellow with orange highlights
    • Taste: invigorating, full bodied herbal taste with the fresh sweetness of spearmint
    • Well being: energising
    • Strength: medium bodied
    • Flavour: slightly sweet
    • Flavour: mint
    • Caffeine content: moderate