Winter Snowflakes Rooibos Tea



A Winter Wonderland of falling snowflakes and crisp white snow, glinting like silver in the moonlight, is captured in our marzipan and fruit flavoured Rooibos tea. Caffeine free and refreshingly smooth, this seasonal tea offers a warming herbal alternative with a sweet marzipan taste.

  • Winter Snowflakes Rooibos Tea

    • Ingredients: rooibos, almond pieces, papaya pieces, natural flavours, (Christmas candy 5%: sugar, millet, rice flour, vegetable oil, corn starch, gum arabic, cellulose gum, colour R, Ccnfectioner's glaze, carrageenan, soy lecithin, E129, E102, E110, E133
    • Origin: Cederberg Mountains, South Africa
    • Caffeine: none
    • Leaves: premium grade 1
    • Aroma: marzipan sweet notes
    • Colour: reddish orange
    • Taste: sweet marzipan smooth taste with depth
    • Well being: balancing | relaxing | comforting
    • Flavoour: marzipan | slightly sweet | slightly fruity
    • Strength: full bodied
    • Caffeine: none
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